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Class of 2021


Dr. Tahira Redwood (MBBS, DM, MPH, MSc, BSc) - Co-Founder 

Dr. Tahira Redwood is currently an Interventional Cardiology Fellow at Toronto General Hospital and upcoming Congenital and Structural Fellow at TGH. After completing her residency in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of the West Indies, she continued her training at the University of Toronto with a mission to improve accessibility of Cardiology education for BIPOC students in medicine.

Dr. Gewarges is presently a PGY-6 Cardiology Resident at the University of Toronto. Her passion for Cardiology combined with a strong desire for greater diversity in the field, specifically within the GTA, continues to inspire work on DICE.

Dr. Mena Gewarges (MD, FRCPC) - Co-Founder 

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Dr. Susanna Mak - Division Director for Cardiology at the University of Toronto

Dr. Susanna Mak is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine’s Division of Cardiology at UofT and the Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Research Laboratory at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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Meet the class of DICE 2021

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Mohamed Adam 


I am medical student at the University of Toronto going into my second year. Before medicine, I graduated with a Master of Science in Medical Sciences at UofT. My research was concentrated in the field of cardiology—specifically looking into the effects of chemotherapy on the human heart. My Master's program gave me a first-hand look into the field of cardiology and so I joined DICE because I wanted to further expand my interest in the field. I also wanted to find a community where I could find mentorship, advocacy, and support for underrepresented students like myself. Through DICE, I hope to gain valuable experiences and to hopefully one day become a strong mentor myself for students interested in cardiology. Twitter: @moscience_

Lina Elfaki

Lina Elfaki is a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto (UofT). She also completed her undergraduate degree in Physiology and master’s thesis focused on gene therapy for Aortic Aneurysms at UofT. Recently, she has been researching racial and socioeconomic disparities in cardiac patient care. DICE provided her with an inclusive and nurturing community to explore the cardiovascular specialties and advance her academic skills. Beyond academics, Lina is a keen advocate for equity and justice in healthcare and medical education. Twitter: @lina_elfaki 

Akachukwu Nwakoby

My name is Aka and I am currently a 2nd year medical student at UofT. My 1st year was extremely rewarding as It enabled me to meet tons of great peers, teachers and mentors. I joined DICE because I was drawn to the mentorship they provided in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular medicine. Throughout the year we’ve engaged with distinguished physicians in the cardiovascular field as well as virtually observed an engrossing interventional cardiology procedure. I can’t wait to see more of what DICE has to offer and I highly recommend joining this amazing program!

Juliana Oguntala


My name is Julianah Oguntala and I am a second-year medical student at the University of Toronto. I joined DICE to explore and gain access to opportunities in Cardiology that I might otherwise not have. Over the past year, I have learned so much from the DICE founders and from the host of invited guests that we have had. I am grateful to Drs. Gewarges & Redwood for putting together such a wonderful initiative for students like myself and I am excited for the next year with DICE!

Osei-Yeboah, Clara_edited.jpg

Emma Sparks

My name is Emma Sparks, and I am a proud Métis woman currently in my 2nd year studying medicine at University of Toronto. I joined DICE because I wanted to connect with likeminded people who have an interest in learning more about Cardiology. As one of the two Indigenous students in my year, it was important that I found a support group that I could relate to. DICE has been a great source of support and has provided opportunity to develop academically, professionally, and personally. Like many others, my first year had some challenges, despite these, I really enjoyed my year, found a great group of friends, started to explore different career options (with lots of help from DICE) and had fun!

Clara Osei-Yeboah

My name is Clara. I'm entering my third year of medical school. My experiences as a DICE student have been wonderful! It’s been amazing to receive informal group mentorship from physicians and students alike. DICE offers visibility to underrepresented groups in cardiology and thus helps us cultivate a space in which we can share knowledge, ideas, and experiences with each other. 

Andrea Ianni

I am of mixed ancestry with family from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and Italy. I am entering my third year of medicine at UofT and have grown interested in the field of cardiovascular medicine. I am thrilled to have had the mentorship organized by the DICE team this past year and look forward to the future of the program. DICE has provided us with opportunities to interact with several accomplished physicians across the field of cardiovascular medicine who have shared their experiences from the path we may have ahead of us. From a research background in Indigenous community health promotion with the Kahnawake Schools' Diabetes Prevention Project, I developed an appreciation for the importance of reflecting on my own identity and the identity of those for whom I provide care. I believe DICE is supporting a future of medicine rich in the acknowledgement of this intersection of identity and health, and be it in cardiovascular medicine or other, I look forward to working alongside my peers to provide care that is appropriate to the context and culture of our future patients.

Michael Zarathus-Cook

'm a Health and Disease Specialist at the University of Toronto with a strong interest in Cardiology. DICE has been a tremendous opportunity for me to not only participate in the review of clinical cases but also in strengthening my belief that medicine is a career that I belong in. The program is proof to me that a more diverse field is possible in healthcare, and getting there begins with the exemplary efforts of physician-educators like Drs. Gewarges and Redwood.

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